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HOSPITAL AUTHORITY OF FULTON COUNTY (NORTHSIDE) (APPROVED) Term = 4 years Terms below expired April 1, 2020: Anthony J. Salvatore (BOC 1) Thomas W. Gable, M.D. (BOC 2) Thomas D. Hills (BOC 3) The Board of Trustees of the Hospital Authority of Fulton County (Northside) submitted the following slate of names for the Board of Commissioners’ consideration to terms ending April 1, 2024. (Morris/Ellis) Position #1 - Anthony J. Salvatore, Bruce G. Green, M.D., Paul D. Boyce, M.D. Position #2 – Thomas W. Gable, M.D., Elizabeth P. Steinhaus, M.D., Jennifer L. Amerson, M.D. Position #3 – Thomas D. Hills, Steven G. Moss, M.D., John B. Neeld, Jr., M.D. The Board of Commissioners shall submit a slate of three (3) names, per position, to the Hospital Authority of Fulton County, for selection of one (1) person to be appointed by the Authority for each position.
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