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Request approval of statewide contracts – Fulton County Library System, SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0003, SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0017, SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0029, SWC99999-SPD0000100-0039, SWC#99999-SPD0000-0040, SWC#99999-SPD0000-0052, SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0053, SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0057, SWC#99999-SPD0000-0059, and SWC#99999-SPD0000100-0084; Purchase new Interior Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) for Library AFPLS CIP, Phase II in the total amount of $528,819.34 with: (A) Agati, Inc. (Chicago, IL) in the amount of $100,228.80; (B) Commercial Furniture Group, Inc. dba Falcon Products & Thonet (Newport, TN) in the amount of $10,840.26; (C) Exemplis Corporation dba Ideon & Sit On It (Cypress, CA) in the amount of $32,501.21; (D) HLF Furniture (Belleville, MI) in the amount of $41,465.27; (E) Humanscale Corporation (Piscataway, NJ) in the amount of $866.25; (F) Keilhauer LTD (Toronto Ontario, Canada) in the amount of $25,073.40; (G) Kimball International (Jasper, IN) in the amount of $45,434.11; (H) Krug Furniture, Inc. (Kitcheneron, Ontario) in the amount of $71,814.60; (I) Leland International (Grand Rapid, MI) in the amount of $27,827.10; and, (J) Spec Furniture (Toronto Ontario, Canada) in the amount of $24,315.34; to provide and install new interior furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) for the Dr. Robert E. Fulton/Occe Branch Library as part of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System Capital Improvement Program, Phase II. Effective upon BOC Approval. One-time procurement. (APPROVED)
PDF Document  Agenda - 2019-1017.pdf