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Public Comment - Citizens are allowed to voice County-related opinions, concerns, requests, etc. during the Public Comment portion of the Commission meeting. At the Regular Meeting, speakers will be heard prior to the zoning portion of the agenda; at the Recess Meeting, prior to the County Manager’s Unfinished Business. Before speaking, each participant must fill out a speaker card, located at the entry way, the podium, and the media and court reporter tables. Speaker cards must be submitted to the Clerk’s staff, who will accept them on a first-come, first-served basis. Once Public Comment begins, speaker cards will no longer be accepted. Speakers will be granted up to two minutes each. Members of the public will not be allowed to yield or donate time to other speakers. The Public Comment portion of the meeting will not exceed 30 minutes at the Regular Meeting, nor will this portion exceed thirty minutes at the Recess Meeting. Those who could not speak during Public Comment will be allowed to speak first at a subsequent Board meeting. For more information or to arrange a speaking date, contact the Clerk’s Office. (CONDUCTED)
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