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GRIEVANCE REVIEW COMMITTEE (REMOVED) Two (2) members shall be appointed by the Board of Commissioners for staggered terms of two (2) years each, and two (2) members shall be elected by County-wide election. The term of office for such members shall be two (2) years. One (1) member shall be selected from the community by the Committee. Term = 2 years Terms below expired 05/29/2018 Mr. Carlos Gordon (BOC–2) The County Manger has recommended Mr. Carlos Gordon for a Full Board reappointment to a term ending May 29, 2020. Term below expired 10/26/2018 Mr. Willie Monroe, Jr. (General Public Member) The County Manager has recommend Mr. Willie Monroe for a Full Board reappointment to a term ending October 26, 2021. Term below expired: 5/15/2017 Sharon E. Robinson (BOC-1) The County Manager is recommending Ms. Heather Staniszewski to replace Ms. Sharon E. Robinson for a full Board appointment to a term ending May 15, 2021.
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